Lucy, the extraordinary pianist

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The incredibly talented Lucy

Lucy stole the nation’s hearts when she won Channel 4’s The Piano at just 13 years old, having performed on a keyboard at Leeds Train Station.

Lucy stopped people in their tracks and left bystanders in tears as she played her beautiful rendition of Chopin‘s Nocturne in B-flat Minor.


Blind & neurodivergent pianist


An extraordinary talent

Lucy is completely blind and has a chromosome 16 duplication, which is a rare condition affecting mental health with autism traits and affecting overall communication. Lucy is hypermobile and suffers with CVS. She is in remission from bi-lateral retina-blastoma and is globally developmentally delayed.

However, Lucy has an extraordinary talent and it is by using this natural talent, Lucy is able to communicate.

World-renowned, pianist, Lang Lang and pop sensation, Mika crowned 13-year-old Lucy, the ‘unofficial’ winner of the competition with her stunning performance of Debussy’s Arabesque No1, which she performed in front of 2000 people at the Royal Festival Hall.

“….this is incredible…she (Lucy) is a genius” said Lang Lang.

The young Pianist has since been invited to perform at HRH King‘s Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle, where she played a note perfect performance of Bach Prelude in C in front of 18 million people.

Furthermore world iconic venue the Royal Albert Hall will welcome Lucy to the stage, as Classic FM has invited her to join them to play with the Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra in October 2023 at Classic FM Live.

This fairytale all began with a children’s book with a piano on it, where at the age of 5yrs Lucy started playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The family, then upgraded her keyboard and realised she was composing music in her head while sitting on the sofa. Lucy was able to play back music after listening to it just once.

Lucy had touched the nation and has inspired families across the UK with her love of the piano and her ability to communicate through the power of music...and this is just the start of her extraordinary journey...


HRH Coronation Concert



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